K-Tape & Thermal Imaging


We offer Kieniology taping and Thermal imaging for both canines, equines and other small animals. Kieniesiology taping can be used as either a sole or adjunctive treatment in equine and canine therapy. It can reduce or control pain, manage swelling or edema, increase joint range of motion and muscle function, and maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the horse or dog throughout the rehabilitation process.



Decompresses an area of swelling and inflammation

When tape is applied to the skin, it has a microscopic lifting effect underneath the skin and between the many layers. This allows the by-products created by inflammation to be removed more quickly.


Delays muscle fatigue

Research has shown that the application of tape on skin can attenuate muscle fatigue. In rehab, this is very important, not only for the parts of the body that are currently being treated, but also for the surrounding areas as they sometime compensate for the innured areas.


It can help to normalise muscle tone

Taping helps bring dormant muscle back to life and help calm down the overactive muscles. It helps the body coordinate movement as if it weren’t injured, hence allowing it to heal properly.


Distributes physical stress

Through elastic properties and quick recoil, a taping can help distribute forces to other nearby areas through the fascia, ligaments, and even bones.


Thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging Cameras turn the infrared light all around us into temperature defined pictures allowing us to see heat. This technology is ideal for identifying heat on your animals allowing you to identify problems quickly and get early treatment.